Got Deals?

The property above was very rewarding to tackle!  It had a total rehab and recently sold –see current photo on the right. So, nothing can scare us! 

Do you have a deal we could talk about?  Do you have a property that needs repair?  Is there a property in your neighborhood that needs cleaning up?  Is it boarded up? Weeds overgrown?  There is nothing that a 40 yard dumpster won’t cure!

How about a home bound for probate or in the process?  Tenants that need to be evicted?  Maybe you have a home that became a rental property ‘by mistake’ with ‘bad tenants’? Perhaps you have family that’s taking advantage of the situation who you won’t (can’t) give the boot.  Let’s talk about our “Boot Camp”.

When tenants give you “more gray hair and wrinkles faster than the sun makes a ripe fig ferment”, we need to talk.  We have simple, proven systems, and our boots have walked the walk.  We orchestrate the whole process, take the pressure off, and make it easy to move on.  

These Boots were made for Boot Camp

Curious about the value of your property?  Interested in investment opportunities? Fix and flips?  Got a deal we could partner on?
Do you know of a tired fixer that could perhaps be one of the next projects?  Let’s talk and see if we can put another deal together and create something wonderful! Glad to breathe in new life, clean up the neighborhoods, and help you achieve your goals in Real Estate!

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